[BSNL Password Decryptor] Tool to Recover the Login Password of BSNL modem/router

BSNL Password Decryptor is a free desktop tool to instantly recover the Login Password of BSNL modem/router.

If you have lost login authentication password of your BSNL modem and you have backup configuration file then you can use this tool to quickly recover your password.

It supports dual mode of password recovery. You can either enter the encrypted BSNL password directly or specify the BSNL Modem's backup configuration file. In second case, it will automatically detect the login password from config file and decrypt it instantly.

Note that it currently supports limited number of BSNL modems (mainly UT-300 Series). Hence it may or may not work with other models.

This can be very handy tool for all Network Administrators as well as penetration testers.
It is successfully tested on both 32 bit & 64 bit windows systems starting from Windows XP to Windows 8

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