[Arachni v0.4.5.1-0.4.2] Open Source Web Application Security Scanner Framework

Arachni is a Free/Open Source project, the code is released under the Apache License Version 2.0 and you are free to use it as you see fit.

Initially started as an educational exercise, it has since evolved into a powerful and modular framework allowing for fast, accurate and flexible security/vulnerability assessments. More than that, Arachni is highly extend-able allowing for anyone to improve upon it by adding custom components and tailoring most aspects to meet most needs.

New Changes

  • Optimized pattern matching to use less resources by grouping patterns to only be matched against the per-platform payloads. Bottom line, pattern matching operations have been greatly reduced overall and vulnerabilities can be used to fingerprint the remote platform.
  • Modules
    • Path traversal ( path_traversal)
      • Updated to use more generic signatures.
      • Added dot-truncation for MS Windows payloads.
      • Moved non-traversal payloads to the file_inclusion module.
    • File inclusion ( file_inclusion) — Extracted from path_traversal.
      • Uses common server-side files and errors to identify issues.
    • SQL Injection ( sqli) — Added support for the following databases:
      • Firebird
      • SAP Max DB
      • Sybase
      • Frontbase
      • IngresDB
      • HSQLDB
      • MS Access
    • localstart_asp — Checks if localstart.asp is accessible.
  • Plugins — Added:
    • Uncommon headers ( uncommon_headers) — Logs uncommon headers.

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