[Nimbostratus] Tools for fingerprinting and exploiting Amazon cloud infrastructures

Nimbostratus are tools for fingerprinting and exploiting Amazon cloud infrastructures. Nimbostratus is the first toolset to help you in the process of pivoting in Amazon AWS clouds


  • Enumerate permissions to AWS services for current IAM role
  • Use poorly configured IAM role to create new AWS user
  • Extract local and remote AWS credentials from meta­data, .boto, etc.
  • Clone DB to access information stored in snapshot
  • Inject raw Celery task for pickle attack
If you want to test Nimbostratus, you can deploy an Amazon AWS infrastructure which has various vulnerabilities and weak configuration settings using Nimbostratus target which helps you setup a legal environment.
If you need help understanding what this toolset is all about, Andres Riancho wrote an article “Pivoting in Amazon clouds“.

More Information: here

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