[ipset_list] ipset set listing wrapper script


  • Calculate sum of set members (and match on that count).
  • List only members of a specified set.
  • Choose a delimiter character for separating members.
  • Show only sets containing a specific (glob matching) header.
  • Arithmetic comparison on headers with an integer value.
  • Match members using a globbing or regex pattern.
  • Suppress listing of (glob matching) sets.
  • Suppress listing of (glob matching) headers.
  • Suppress listing of members matching a glob or regex pattern.
  • Suppress listing of members options.
  • Calculate the total size in memory of all matching sets.
  • Calculate the amount of matching, excluded and traversed sets.
  • Colorize the output.
  • Operate on a single, selected, or all sets.
  • Programmable completion is included to make usage easier and faster.

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