[BTCrack v1.1] The worlds first Bluetooth Pass phrase (PIN) Bruteforce Tool

BTCrack is the worlds first Bluetooth Pass phrase (PIN) bruteforce tool, BTCrack will bruteforce the Passkey and the Link key from captured pairing* exchanges.

BTcrack was demoed and realeased at Hack.lu 2007 and 23C3 in Berlin, the video of the presentation is available on Google Video .
To capture the pairing data it is necessary to have a Professional Bluetooth Analyzer : FTE (BPA 100, BPA 105, others), Merlin OR flash a CSR based consumer USB dongle with special firmware.

Speed Comparison :
· P4 2Ghz - Dual Core 200.000 keys/sec
· FPGA E12 @ 50Mhz 7.600.000 keys/sec
· FPGA E12 @ 75Mhz 10.000.000 keys/sec
· FPGA E14 30.000.000 keys/sec

Changes :· 1.0 First release · 1.1 Intermediate Release    E12 + E14 FPGA Support ( http://www.picocomputing.com)   Splash Screen    Process Priority    Speed increase (+15%)

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