[GoldenEye v2.0] DoS Tool

GoldenEye is a HTTP/S Layer 7 Denial-of-Service Testing Tool. It uses KeepAlive (and Connection: keep-alive) paired with Cache-Control options to persist socket connection busting through caching (when possible) until it consumes all available sockets on the HTTP/S server.

USAGE: ./goldeneye.py <url> [OPTIONS]

Flag Description Default
-t, --threads Number of concurrent threads (default: 500)
-m, --method HTTP Method to use 'get' or 'post' or 'random' (default: get)
-d, --debug Enable Debug Mode [more verbose output] (default: False)
-h, --help Shows this help

Changelog v2.0

  • 2013-03-26 Changed from threading to multiprocessing. Threading is bad because its subject to GIL.
  • 2012-12-09 Initial release

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