[FGscanner] Find hidden contents using dictionary-like attack

FGscanner is a completely rewritten version of littlescanner script.

FGscanner is an opensource advanced web directory scanner to find hidden contents on a web server using dictionary-like attack with proxy and tor support.

Quick reference for switches
Usage: ./fgscan.pl --host=hostname [--proxy=filepath] [--sec=n] [--dump] [--dirlist=filepath] [--wordlist=filepath] [--tor] [--tordns] [--debug] [--help]

--debug : Print debug information
--dirs : Specify the directory list file
--pages : Specify the wordlist file
--uarnd : Enable User Agent randomization
--host : Specify hostname to scan (without http:// or https://)
--proxy : Specify a proxy list
--sec : Seconds between requests. Value 999 will randomize delay between requests from 1 to 30 seconds
--dump : Save found pages on disk
--tor : Use TOR as proxy for each request
--tordns : Use TOR to resolve hostname. Without this options DNS queries will be directed to default DNS server outside TOR network
--help : Show this help

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