Dll Hijack Auditor v3.5 - Smart Tool to Audit the DLL Hijack Vulnerability

DLL Hijack Auditor is the smart tool to Audit against the Dll Hijacking Vulnerability in any Windows application.

This is one of the critical security issue affecting almost all Windows systems. Though most of the apps have been fixed, but still many Windows applications are susceptible to this vulnerability which can allow any attacker to completely take over the system.

DllHijackAuditor helps in discovering all such Vulnerable Dlls in a Windows application which otherwise can lead to successful exploitation resulting in total compromise of the system.

With its simple GUI interface DllHijackAuditor makes it easy for anyone to instantly perform the auditing operation. It also presents detailed technical Audit report which can help the developer in fixing all vulnerable points in the application.

Dll Hijack Auditor is a fully portable and works on wide range of platforms starting from Windows XP to Windows 8.

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