Hidden File Finder v3.0 - Free Tool to Find and Unhide/Remove all the Hidden Files

Hidden File Finder is the free software to quickly scan and discover all the Hidden files on your Windows system.

It performs swift multi threaded scan of all the folders parallely and quickly uncovers all the hidden files. It automatically detects the Hidden Executable Files (EXE, DLL, COM etc) and shows them in red color for easier identification. Similarly 'Hidden Files' are shown in black color and 'Hiddden Folders' are shown in blue color.

One of its main feature is the Unhide Operation. You can select one or all of the discovered Hidden files and Unhide them with just a click. Successful 'Unhide operations' are shown in green background color while failed ones are shown in yellow background.

New version v2.0 features Settings dialog to fine tune the scanning operation. Also added right click context menu to quickly perform tasks such as Unhide, Delete, Open, Scan Online using Google Search/VirusTotal etc.

It is very easy for any user with its cool GUI interface. Particularly, more useful for Penetration testers and Forensic investigators.

It works on both 32-bit & 64-bit platforms starting from Windows XP to Windows 8.

  • Free, Easy to use GUI based Software
  • Fast multi threaded Hidden File finder to quickly scan entire computer, drive or folder.
  • Unhide all the Hidden files with one click.
  • Delete the selected file/folder completely
  • Scan Online feature to online threat verification (mainly Executable files) using Google Search or VirusTotal.
  • Right Click Context Menu to perform quick tasks.
  • Settings dialog to fine tune the scanning operation.
  • Color based representation of Hidden Files/Folders/Executable Files and Unhide operations.
  • Sort feature to arrange the Hidden files based on name/size/type/date/path
  • Detailed hidden file scan report in HTML format
  • Fully portable and can be run from anywhere
  • Also includes Installer for local installation/un-installation      

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