PAExec - The Redistributable PsExec (Launch Remote Windows Apps)

PAExec lets you launch Windows programs on remote Windows computers without needing to install software on the remote computer first. For example, you could launch CMD.EXE remotely and have the equivalent of a terminal session to the remote server. PAExec is useful for doing remote installs, checking remote configuration, etc.

PAExec - The Redistributable PsExec

Microsoft's PsExec tool (originally by SysInternal's Mark Russinovich) is a favorite of system administrators everywhere. It just has two tiny flaws:
  1. PsExec can not be redistributed
  2. Sensitive command-line options like username and passwords are sent as clear text

We needed something that would overcome those two issues, and not finding a suitable replacement, decided to write our own.


PAExec \\{server IP address} -s cmd.exe
Creates a telnet-like session on the remote server, running as Local System.

PAExec \\{server IP address} ipconfig
View network configuration on the remote server without needing to do an RDP session.

PAExec \\{server IP address} -u {username} -p {password} -i -c MyApp.exe
Copy MyApp.exe to the remote server and run it as {username} so that it shows up on the remote server.

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