Xenotix xBOT - A Cross Platform PoC Bot that abuse certain Google Services to implement it's C&C

Xenotix xBOT is a proof of concept cross platform (Linux, Windows, Mac) bot written in Python that abuse certain Google Services to implement Command & Control Center for the botnet. The Google Apps Data API, Google Forms and Google Spreadsheet is abused to implement C2 for a bot network. The Google Forms can act as the C2 for a bot network. All the entries to the Google Form are send to an attached Spreadsheet. Here we can implement a bot that will listen to the Google Data API URL and extract the commands and later send back the response via the same Form. The Google Data API allows us to fetch the contents of a published spreadsheet in a variety of formats. The spreadsheet feeds are fetched in RSS format and will parsed. For implementing the bot we will parse through the source, fetch the commands and do the corresponding operations. xBOT’s communication is encrypted as it uses Google’s own SSL connection and is nowhere affected by any firewalls as it works at Application layer. The botnet’s commands and responses are encrypted with SSL from Google Itself making it harder to sniff the bot’s communications in the network. It is a prototype bot with the bare minimum features of a Typical Bot. The intention of this tool is to give an idea about how Google API’s can be abused for Botnet Implementation.

  • xSYSINFO : Get System Information
  • EXECUTE : Execute a passive system command
  • xDOWNLOAD : Download a file from an URL
  • xUPLOAD : Upload a file
  • xNETWORK : Get network information
  • xPORTSCAN : Run a Portscan
  • xSCREENSHOT : Grab a Screenshot
  • xKILL : Kill and Remove the xBOT.

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