OWASP iOSForensic - Tool to help in forensics analysis on iOS

OWASP iOSForensic is a python tool to help in forensics analysis on iOS.
It get files, logs, extract sqlite3 databases and uncompress .plist files in xml.

OWASP iOSForensic provides:
  • Application's files
  • Conversion of .plist files in XML
  • Extract all databases
  • Conversion of binary cookies
  • Application's logs
  • A List of all packages
  • Extraction multiple packages


  • -h --help : show help message
  • -a --about : show informations
  • -v --verbose : verbose mode
  • -i --ip : local ip address of the iOS terminal
  • -p --port : ssh port of the iOS terminal (default 22)
  • -P --password : root password of the iOS terminal (default alpine)
./iOSForensic.py -i -p 1337 -P pwd MyApp.app angry MyApp2

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