DAWIN - Distributed Audit & Wireless Intrusion Notification

DA-WIN is the end of the manual PCI wireless scan DA-WIN provides an organisation a continuous wireless scanning capability that is light touch and simple. It utilises compact and discreet sensors that can easily be deployed reducing the total cost of protection and simplifying the effort required for absolute, categoric regulatory compliance.

BYOD - Bring Your Own Disaster

Marketing directors everywhere need to be able to swager (see urban dictionary not a spelling mistake - aka swagger) into the office. They NEED to be able to use an I-P-PAD-POD-PONE with teeniest screen to do their job.
DO THEY REALLY need to introduce that POX, VIRUS and MALWARE infected digital equivalent of TYPHOID Mary on to your network
DA-WIN provides an organisation a continuous wireless scanning capability that is light touch and simple. It replaces the network surveillance that head of risk made you take out after the last gartner conference

What is DA-WIN

DA- WIN (pronounced DARWIN) is the evolution of wireless security scanning. Developed by a team that had a significant impact on the field of 802.11 security, it embraces the true-ism that most organisations don't like or embrace network IDS technology and so are unlikely to welcome, invest in or support an IDS implementation in a more specialised area like Wfi.
Scanning is a costly, regulatory requirement for many - Yet it often provides little security protection because it only measures the threat on 4 or 5 days a year. How many CIOs would be happy with a firewall or anti-virus that worked for 1 week in 52?  

How we solved the problem 

Purpose built, designed from the ground up, Wireless IDS are expensive and require an organisation that is committed to the significant investment that is required to gain a security return. Other offering based on repurposed PC or Network equipment can only be deployed in too sparse numbers because of their size and cost to yield real benefits. Mostly these are network sniffers bundled together with adhoc scripts which often results in a significant manual overhead in interpreting the output. DA-WIN is different because:
  • The software it uses has been purposefully designed for the task, it has been designed with regulations such as PC-DSS and Government Standards (332/5) in mind � by personnel that helped set the baseline.
  • The hardware is custom assembled - it is compact, cost effective which allows for easy and trouble free volume deployment.
  • Supports Attack detection, Flood detection, brute forcing detection and a myriad of rogue access point detection techniques.
The typical organisation will claw back its expenditure on manual wireless scanning within 18 months.

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