AVCaesar - Malware Analysis Engine and Repository

AVCaesar is a malware analysis engine and repository, developed by malware.lu within the FP7 project CockpitCI.


AVCaesar can be used to:
  • Perform an efficient malware analysis of suspicious files based on the results of a set of antivirus solutions, bundled together to reach the highest possible probability to detect potential malware;
  • Search for malware samples in a progressively increasing malware repository.
The basic functionalities can be extended by:
  • Download malware samples (15 samples/day for registered users and 100 samples/day for premium users);
  • Perform confidential malware analysis (reserved to premium users)

Malware analysis process

The malware analysis process is kept as easy and intuitive as possible for AVCaesar users:
  • Submit suspicious file via AVCaesar web interface. Premium users can choose to perform a confidential analysis.
  • Receive a well-structured malware analysis report.

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