PEframe - Tool to perform static analysis on Portable Executable malware

PEframe is a open source tool to perform static analysis on Portable Executable malware.

$ peframe malware.exe
$ peframe [--option] malware.exe

--json         Output in json

--import Imported function and dll
--export Exported function and dll

--dir-import Import directory
--dir-export Export directory
--dir-resource Resource directory
--dir-debug Debug directory
--dir-tls TLS directory

--strings Get all strings
--sections Sections information
--dump Dump all information

Python 2.6.5 -> 2.7.x
from pypi
# pip install https://github.com/guelfoweb/peframe/archive/master.zip
from git
$ git clone https://github.com/guelfoweb/peframe.git

$ cd peframe

# python setup.py install

$ peframe malware.exe

Short information
File Name malware.exe
File Size 935281 byte
Compile Time 2012-01-29 22:32:28
DLL False
Sections 4
Hash MD5 cae18bdb8e9ef082816615e033d2d85b
Hash SAH1 546060ad10a766e0ecce1feb613766a340e875c0
Imphash 353cf96592db561b5ab4e408464ac6ae
Detected Xor, Sign, Packer, Anti Debug, Anti VM
Directory Import, Resource, Debug, Relocation, Security

XOR discovered
Key length Offset (hex) Offset (dec)
1 0x5df4e 384846
2 0x5df4e 384846
4 0x5df4e 384846
8 0x5df4e 384846

Digital Signature
Virtual Address 12A200
Block Size 4813 byte
Hash MD5 63b8c4daec26c6c074ca5977f067c21e
Hash SHA-1 53731a283d0c251f7c06f6d7d423124689873c62

Packer matched [4]
Packer Microsoft Visual C++ v6.0
Packer Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0
Packer Microsoft Visual C++
Packer Installer VISE Custom

Anti Debug discovered [9]
Anti Debug FindWindowExW
Anti Debug FindWindowW
Anti Debug GetWindowThreadProcessId
Anti Debug IsDebuggerPresent
Anti Debug OutputDebugStringW
Anti Debug Process32FirstW
Anti Debug Process32NextW
Anti Debug TerminateProcess
Anti Debug UnhandledExceptionFilter

Anti VM Trick discovered [2]
Trick Virtual Box
Trick VMware trick

Suspicious API discovered [35]
Function CreateDirectoryA
Function CreateFileA
Function CreateFileMappingA
Function CreateToolhelp32Snapshot
Function DeleteFileA
Function FindFirstFileA
Function FindNextFileA
Function GetCurrentProcess
Function GetFileAttributesA
Function GetFileSize
Function GetModuleHandleA
Function GetProcAddress
Function GetTempPathA
Function GetTickCount
Function GetUserNameA
Function GetVersionExA
Function InternetCrackUrlA
Function LoadLibraryA
Function MapViewOfFile
Function OpenProcess
Function Process32First
Function Process32Next
Function RegCloseKey
Function RegCreateKeyA
Function RegEnumKeyExA
Function RegOpenKeyA
Function RegOpenKeyExA
Function Sleep
Function WSAStartup
Function WriteFile
Function closesocket
Function connect
Function recv
Function send
Function socket

Suspicious Sections discovered [2]
Section .data
Hash MD5 b896a2c4b2be73b89e96823c1ed68f9c
Hash SHA-1 523d58892f0375c77e5e1b6f462005ae06cdd0d8
Section .rdata
Hash MD5 41795b402636cb13e2dbbbec031dbb1a
Hash SHA-1 b674141b34f843d54865a399edfca44c3757df59

File name discovered [43]
Binary wiseftpsrvs.bin
Data ESTdb2.dat
Data Favorites.dat
Data History.dat
Data bookmark.dat
Data fireFTPsites.dat
Data quick.dat
Data site.dat
Data sites.dat
Database FTPList.db
Database sites.db
Database NovaFTP.db
Executable unleap.exe
Executable explorer.exe
FTP Config FTPVoyager.ftp
Library crypt32.dll
Library kernel32.dll
Library mozsqlite3.dll
Library userenv.dll
Library wand.dat
Library wininet.dll
Library wsock32.dll
Text Connections.txt
Text ftplist.txt
Text signons.txt
Text signons2.txt
Text signons3.txt

Url discovered [2]
Url RhinoSoft.com
Url http://0uk.net/zaaqw/gate.php

Meta data found [4]
CompiledScript AutoIt v3 Script
FileVersion 3, 3, 8, 1
Translation 0x0809 0x04b0

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