Pupy - Multi-Platform Remote Administration Tool

Pupy is an opensource, multi-platform Remote Administration Tool written in Python. On Windows, Pupy uses reflective dll injection and leaves no traces on disk.

Features :
  • On windows, the Pupy payload is compiled as a reflective DLL and the whole python interpreter is loaded from memory. Pupy does not touch the disk :)
  • Pupy can reflectively migrate into other processes
  • Pupy can remotely import, from memory, pure python packages (.py, .pyc) and compiled python C extensions (.pyd). The imported python modules do not touch the disk. (.pyd mem import currently work on Windows only, .so memory import is not implemented).
  • modules are quite simple to write and pupy is easily extensible.
  • Pupy uses rpyc and a module can directly access python objects on the remote client
    • we can also access remote objects interactively from the pupy shell and even auto completion of remote attributes works !
  • communication channel currently works as a ssl reverse connection, but a bind payload will be implemented in the future
  • all the non interactive modules can be dispatched on multiple hosts in one command
  • Multi-platform (tested on windows 7, windows xp, kali linux, ubuntu)
  • modules can be executed as background jobs
  • commands and scripts running on remote hosts are interruptible
  • auto-completion and nice colored output :-)
  • commands aliases can be defined in the config

Implemented Modules :
  • migrate (windows only)
    • inter process architecture injection also works (x86->x64 and x64->x86)
  • keylogger (windows only)
  • persistence (windows only)
  • screenshot (windows only)
  • webcam snapshot (windows only)
  • command execution
  • download
  • upload
  • socks5 proxy
  • local port forwarding
  • interactive shell (cmd.exe, /bin/sh, ...)
  • interactive python shell
  • shellcode exec (thanks to @byt3bl33d3r)

Quick start

In these examples the server is running on a linux host (tested on kali linux) and it's IP address is
The clients have been tested on (Windows 7, Windows XP, kali linux, ubuntu, Mac OS X 10.10.5)

generate/run a payload
for Windows
./genpayload.py -p 443 -t exe_x86 -o pupyx86.exe
you can also use -t dll_x86 or dll_x64 to generate a reflective DLL and inject/load it by your own means.

for Linux
pip install rpyc #(or manually copy it if you are not admin)
python reverse_ssl.py

for MAC OS X
easy_install rpyc #(or manually copy it if you are not admin)
python reverse_ssl.py

start the server
  1. eventually edit pupy.conf to change the bind address / port
  2. start the pupy server :

Some screenshots

list connected clients


execute python code on all clients

execute a command on all clients, exception is retrieved in case the command does not exists

use a filter to send a module only on selected clients

migrate into another process

interactive shell

interactive python shell

example: How to write a MsgBox module

first of all write the function/class you want to import on the remote client
in the example we create the file pupy/packages/windows/all/pupwinutils/msgbox.py
import ctypes
import threading

def MessageBox(text, title):
t=threading.Thread(target=ctypes.windll.user32.MessageBoxA, args=(None, text, title, 0))

then, simply create a module to load our package and call the function remotely
class MsgBoxPopup(PupyModule):
""" Pop up a custom message box """

def init_argparse(self):
self.arg_parser = PupyArgumentParser(prog="msgbox", description=self.__doc__)
self.arg_parser.add_argument('--title', help='msgbox title')
self.arg_parser.add_argument('text', help='text to print in the msgbox :)')

def is_compatible(self):

def run(self, args):
self.client.conn.modules['pupwinutils.msgbox'].MessageBox(args.text, args.title)
self.log("message box popped !")


rpyc (https://github.com/tomerfiliba/rpyc)

Roadmap and ideas

Some ideas without any priority order
  • support for https proxy
  • bind instead of reverse connection
  • add offline options to payloads like enable/disable certificate checking, embed offline modules (persistence, keylogger, ...), etc...
  • integrate scapy in the windows dll :D (that would be fun)
  • work on stealthiness and modules under unix systems
  • webcam snap
  • mic recording
  • socks5 udp support
  • remote port forwarding
  • perhaps write some documentation
  • ...
  • any cool idea ?

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