Pyersinia - Network Attack Tool

Pyersinia is a similar tool to Yersinia, but Pyersinia is implemented in Python using Scapy. The main objective is the realization of network attacks such as spoofing ARP, DHCP DoS , STP DoS among others. The community can add new attacks on the tool in a simple way, using plugins. This is because Pyersinia uses the STB (Security Tools Builder) framework.

What's new?

Adding new attacks on the tool is a simple task because we use the framework STB (Security Tool Builder). The new attacks are added by plugins.


Install pyersinia is so easy:
$ python -m pip install pyersinia
Or install from Pypi:
# pip install pyersinia

Quick start

You can display inline help writing:

positional arguments:

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-v, --verbosity verbosity level
-a ATTACK_TYPE choose supported attack type
-i IFACE choose network interface

supported attacks:
arp_spoof, dhcp_discover_dos, stp_tcn, stp_conf, stp_root

python pyersinia.py -a arp_spoof
python pyersinia.py -a stp_root -i eth0

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