Metaphor - Stagefright with ASLR bypass

Metaphor - Stagefright with ASLR bypass By Hanan Be'er from NorthBit Ltd.

Metaphor's source code is now released! The source include a PoC that generates MP4 exploits in real-time and bypassing ASLR. The PoC includes lookup tables for Nexus 5 Build LRX22C with Android 5.0.1. Server-side of the PoC include simple PHP scripts that run the exploit generator - I'm using XAMPP to serve gzipped MP4 files. The attack page is index.php.

The exploit generator is written in Python and used by the PHP code.
usage: metaphor.py [-h] [-c CONFIG] -o OUTPUT {leak,rce,suicide} ...

positional arguments:
{leak,rce,suicide} Type of exploit to generate

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-c CONFIG, --config CONFIG
Override exploit configuration
-o OUTPUT, --output OUTPUT
Credits: To the NorthBit team E.P. - My shining paladin, for assisting in boosting this project to achieve all the goals.

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