Shellsploit - New Generation Exploit Development Kit

Shellsploit let's you generate customized shellcodes, backdoors, injectors for various operating system. And let's you obfuscation every byte via encoders.


If you want to use Shellsploit, you have to install Capstone first.
For the Capstone's installation:
root$ sudo pip install capstone
Also pyreadline for tab completion:
root$ sudo pip install readline (Not necessary for windows coz preinstalled in shellsploit.)
Pip works on both windows/nix machines without problem. Now you are ready to install:
root$ python setup.py --s/ --setup install 
root$ chmod +x shellsploit (if you are using windows just pass this step)
root$ ./shellsploit
Don't want it anymore? Uninstall it:
root$ python setup.py --s/--setup uninstall 


usage: shellsploit  [-l] [-p] [-o] [-n]
[--host] [--port]

optional arguments:
-l, --list Show list of backdoors,shellcodes,encoders,injectors
-p, --payload Set payload for usage
-n, -nc Declare netcat for usage
--host The connect/listen address
--port The connect/listen port

Inline arguments:

Main Menu:
help Help menu
os Command directly ur computer
use Select Module For Use
clear Clear the menu
show modules Show Modules of Current Database
show backdoors Show Backdoors of Current Database
show injectors Show Injectors(Shellcode,dll,so etc..)

Shellcode Menu:
back Exit Current Module
set Set Value Of Options To Modules
ip Get IP address(Requires net connection)
os Command directly ur computer
clear Clear the menu
disas Disassembly the shellcode(Support : x86/x64)
whatisthis Learn which kind of shellcode it is
iteration Encoder iteration time
generate Generate shellcode
output Save option to shellcode(txt,py,c,cpp,exe)
show encoders List all obfucscation encoders
show options Show Current Options Of Selected Module

Injector Menu:
set Set Value Of Options To Modules
help Help menu
back Exit Current Module
os Command directly ur computer
pids Get PID list of computer
getpid Get specific PID on list(Ex. getpid Python)


Please do not forget to report bugs! You can submit an issue, pull request, or even directly PM me through my email address.


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