Katastrophe - Command Line Tool to download torrents from Kickass Torrents

A Command-Line Interface for scraping Kickass torrents (kat.cr). Provides options to scrape top torrents in given categories, or searching for specific torrents. The user can select single, multiple or even specify a range for the torrent to download from any category.


Using pip
    $ pip install katastrophe   

Get the latest build from the Source



katastrophe [-m | -t | -a | -s | -l | -g | -p | -b | -x | -M | -T | -A | -S | -B | -G | -P | -X]
katastrophe -h | --help
katastrophe --version

Multi Download:
i,j From Serial No. i to Serial No. j
,i From Serial No. 1 to Serial No. i
i, From Serial No. i to serial no 25
i,j,... Multiple Serial Numbers

Arguments Description
-h, --help Show this screen
--version Show version
-m, --newmovies Show latest Movie Torrents
-t, --newtv Show latest TV Torrents
-a, --newanime Show latest Anime Torrents
-s, --newsongs Show latest Music Torrents
-l, --newlosslessmusic Show latest Lossless Music Torrents
-g, --newgames Show latest Game Torrents
-p, --newapplications Shoe latest Application Torrents
-b, --newbooks Show latest Book Torrents
-x, --xxx Show latest XXX Torrents
-M, --movies Search by Movie Category
-T, --tv Search by TV Category
-A, --anime Search by Anime Category
-S, --songs Search by Music Category
-B, --books Search by Book Category
-G, --games Search by Games Category
-P, --applications Search by Applications Category
-X, --XXX Search by XXX Category


Latest Movies
    $ katastrophe -m   

Latest TV Shows
    $ katastrophe -t   

Latest Games and Applications
    $ katastrophe -g   

Latest Music
    $ katastrophe -s   

Latest Anime
    $ katastrophe -a

Latest Books
    $ katastrophe -b   

Latest Lossless Music
    $ katastrophe -l   

Multiple Downloads
$ Starting and Ending Torrent

$ Starting Torrent

$ Ending Torrent

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