creak - Poison, Reset, Spoof, Redirect MITM Script

Performs some of the most famous MITM attack on target addresses located in a local network. Among these, deny navigation and download capabilities of a target host in the local network performing an ARP poison attack and sending reset TCP packets to every request made to the router. Born as a didactic project for learning python language, I decline every responsibility for any abuse, including malevolent or illegal use of this code.

$ git clone
$ cd creak
$ python install
or simply clone the repository and run the after all requirements are installed:
$ git clone
It is required to have installed pcap libraries for raw packet manipulations and dpkt module, for dns spoofing options is required to have installed dnet module from libdnet package, do not confuse it with pydnet (network evaluation tool) module. It can use also scapy if desired, can just be set in the file.

Usage: [options] dev

-h, --help show this help message and exit
-1, --sessions-scan Sessions scan mode
-2, --dns-spoof Dns spoofing
-3, --session-hijack Try to steal a TCP sessions by desynchronization (old technique)
-x, --spoof Spoof mode, generate a fake MAC address to be used
during attack
-m MACADDR Mac address octet prefix (could be an entire MAC
address in the form AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF)
-M MANUFACTURER Manufacturer of the wireless device, for retrieving a
manufactur based prefix for MAC spoof
-s SOURCE Source ip address (e.g. a class C address like usually the router address
-t TARGET Target ip address (e.g. a class C address like, can be specified multiple times
-p PORT Target port to shutdown
-a HOST Target host that will be redirect while navigating on
target machine
-r REDIR Target redirection that will be fetched instead of host
on the target machine
-v, --verbose Verbose output mode
-d, --dotted Dotted output mode

Most basic usage: Deny all traffic to the target host
$ python -t wlan0
Set a different gateway:
$ python -s -t wlan0
Set a different mac address for the device:
$ python -m 00:11:22:33:44:55 -t wlan0
Spoof mac address generating a fake one:
$ python -x -t wlan0
Spoof mac address generating one based on manufacturer(e.g Xeros):
$ python -x -M xeros -t wlan0
DNS spoofing using a fake MAC address, redirecting ab.xy to cd.xz(e.g. localhost):
$ python -x -M xeros -t -a www.ab.xy -r wlan0
Deny multiple hosts in the subnet:
$ python -x -t -t -t wlan0

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