WinMACSpoofer - Windows Tool For Spoofing The Mac Address

Windows application for spoofing the MAC address and host name.

The program must be run in "administrator mode" for the functions to work properly
  1. Set a new Random MAC address
    • Press the randomize button to generate a random MAC address
    • Click the random radio button and hit "Set New Mac" to reset your MAC address to this new address
  2. Set the MAC address manually
    • To use a specially selected MAC address enter the desired values in the text fields
    • CAUTION The second nibble can only be set with a value of ('A', 'E', '2' or '6')
    • e.g. xy-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx, y represents the second nibble and must be represented by ('A', 'E', '2' or '6')
    • x can be represented by any hexadecimal value
  3. Reset the MAC address
    • To revert the MAC adrress back to the network adapter's original values press the "reset" button
  4. Change Host Name
    • Enter the desired host name and press "Change Host Name"

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