Blindy - Simple Script for running BruteForce Blind MySql Injection

Simple script for running bruteforce blind MySql injection
The script will run through queries listed in sets in provided file (default-queries.json as default) and try to bruteforce places with {} placeholder. If no {} placeholder present, the script will simply make request with current query.

command line
$ python3 blindy.py --help
usage: blindy.py [-h] [-f filename] [-m method] -p name -r regexp -u url
[-s set_of_queries]

Run blind sql injection using brutforce

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-f filename File name for your commands in json format, defaults
to default-queries.json
-m method, --method method
Where to inject (GET - get parameter/default, POST -
post parameter, HEADER - header)
-p name Name of parameter (for get - param name, post - param
name, for header - name of header). If params need to
have fixed value use -p submit=true
-r regexp Regular expression for negative pattern (script search
for the pattern and if present - will consider that
injection failed and igrone result.)
-u url Url to test
-s set_of_queries, --set set_of_queries
Which set of queries to analyze from json file, for
ex. login, blind. Default to blind.

Example usage
Bruteforce inject into POST query_param
python3 blindy.py -m POST -p query_param -p submit=1 -r 'Pattern\ to\ ignore\ result' -u http://example.com/index.php -s blind
Bruteforce inject into POST query_param with placeholder
python3 blindy.py -m POST -p "query_param=login {}" -p submit=1 -r 'Pattern\ to\ ignore\ result' -u http://example.com/index.php -s blind
This will inject the queries in a place of {} parameter placeholder
Simple check a list of queries against username parameter
python3 blindy.py -m POST -p username -p submit=1 -r 'Pattern\ to\ ignore\ result' -u http://example.com/login.php -s login

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