angryFuzzer - Tool for Information Gathering

AngryFuzz3r is a collection of tools for pentesting to gather information and discover vulnerabilities of the targets based on Fuzzedb https://github.com/fuzzdb-project/fuzzdb project

Discover hidden files and directories on a web server. The application tries to find URL relative paths of the given website by comparing them with a given set.

  • Fuzz URL set from an input file
  • Concurrent relative path search
  • Configurable number of fuzzing workers
  • Fuzz CMS ==> Wordpress,Drupal,Joomla
  • Generate reports of the valid paths

$ python angryFuzzer.py -h
Usage: angryFuzzer.py [options]

-h, --help show this help message and exit
-q, --quiet Silent mode ,only repport
-u URL, --url=URL URL of the Target
-c CMS, --cms=CMS scan CMS ==> wp ,dp
-w WORDLIST, --wordlist=WORDLIST
Custom wordlist
  • Fuzzing an URL with default dictionary
python angryFuzzer.py -u 
  • Fuzzing CMS (wp: in this example !)
python angryFuzzer.py -u --cms wp 
  • Fuzzing a Custom Wordlist
python angryFuzzer.py -u -w fuzzdb/discovery/predictable-filepaths/php/PHP.txt

How to install
$ git clone https://github.com/ihebski/angryFuzzer.git
$ cd angryFuzzer
$ python angryFuzzer.py

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