DATA - Credential Phish Analysis and Automation

Credential Phish Analysis and Automation

  • Given a suspected phishing url or file of line separated urls, visit, screenshot, and scrape for interesting files.
  • Requirements can be installed by running or reviewing install_bucklegripper_deps.sh
usage: bucklegripper.py [-h] [-u URL] [-s SOURCE] [-r READFILE] [-a USERAGENT]

Visit a suspected phishing page, screenshot it and pillage it for phishing

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-u URL, --url URL Url to visit
-s SOURCE, --source SOURCE
Apply a source to where this url came from
-r READFILE, --readfile READFILE
Read in a file of URLs one per line
Custom User-Agent
Example of reading in a single url
$ python bucklegripper.py -s openphish -u http://www.govwebsearch.com/apc/opc/pdp/safe/optusnet.com.au/Login.html 

.: BUCKLEGRIPPER v0.1 https://github.com/hadojae/DATA/ :.

[+] Processing http://www.govwebsearch.com/apc/opc/pdp/safe/optusnet.com.au/Login.html
[+] Screencapped http://www.govwebsearch.com/apc/opc/pdp/safe/optusnet.com.au/Login.html as 20170503-032950-openphish-www.govwebsearch.com.png
[+] Found Zip file at http://www.govwebsearch.com/apc/opc/pdp/safe/optusnet.com.au.zip
[+] Saved http://www.govwebsearch.com/apc/opc/pdp/safe/optusnet.com.au.zip as 20170503-032950-openphish-www.govwebsearch.com-optusnet.com.au.zip
[+] Found Opendir at http://www.govwebsearch.com/apc/opc/pdp/safe/optusnet.com.au/
[+] Found php file: http://www.govwebsearch.com/apc/opc/pdp/safe/optusnet.com.au/post.php
[+] Found Opendir at http://www.govwebsearch.com/apc/opc/pdp/safe/
[+] Saved http://www.govwebsearch.com/apc/opc/pdp/safe/optusnet.com.au.zip as 20170503-032951-openphish-www.govwebsearch.com-optusnet.com.au.zip
[+] Found Opendir at http://www.govwebsearch.com/apc/opc/pdp/
[+] Found Opendir at http://www.govwebsearch.com/apc/opc/
[+] Found Opendir at http://www.govwebsearch.com/apc/
Example of reading in a file of line separated urls
$ python bucklegripper.py -s openphish -r ../../test_urls.txt

.: BUCKLEGRIPPER v0.1 https://github.com/hadojae/DATA/ :.

[+] Beginning processing of ../../test_urls.txt

[+] Processing http://onjasela.net/DB/fr/
[+] Screencapped http://onjasela.net/DB/fr/ as 20170503-010034-openphish-onjasela.net.png

[+] Processing http://suesschool.com/yahoologin/yahoologin/clients/login.php
[+] Screencapped http://suesschool.com/yahoologin/yahoologin/clients/login.php as 20170503-010053-openphish-suesschool.com.png
[+] Found Opendir at http://suesschool.com/yahoologin/yahoologin/clients/
[+] Found php file: http://suesschool.com/yahoologin/yahoologin/clients/login.php
[+] Found php file: http://suesschool.com/yahoologin/yahoologin/clients/data.php
[+] Found php file: http://suesschool.com/yahoologin/yahoologin/clients/block.php
[+] Found Opendir at http://suesschool.com/yahoologin/yahoologin/
[+] Found php file: http://suesschool.com/yahoologin/yahoologin/login.php
[+] Found php file: http://suesschool.com/yahoologin/yahoologin/data.php
[+] Found php file: http://suesschool.com/yahoologin/yahoologin/block.php
[+] Found Zip file at http://suesschool.com/yahoologin.zip
[+] Saved http://suesschool.com/yahoologin.zip as 20170503-010125-openphish-suesschool.com-yahoologin.zip
[+] Found Opendir at http://suesschool.com/yahoologin/

[+] Processing http://communitypartnersjc.org/wp-admin/js/index
[+] Screencapped http://communitypartnersjc.org/wp-admin/js/index as 20170503-010138-openphish-communitypartnersjc.org.png

[+] Processing http://ytrdesh.com/info/
[+] Screencapped http://ytrdesh.com/info/ as 20170503-010148-openphish-ytrdesh.com.png


  • While capturing a pcap visit a suspected phishing page. Handle redirectors and obfuscation to find a web form. Scrape the form and make educated guesses at what should be entered into the fields. Submit the form and repeat.
  • Requirements can be installed by running or reviewing install_bullyblinder_deps.sh
usage: bullyblinder.py [-h] -u URL [-a USERAGENT] -i INTERFACE

Visit a suspected phishing page and attempt form filling while getting a pcap

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-u URL, --url URL Url to visit
Custom User-Agent to use
Interface to tell tshark to listen on
Example Usage
$ python bullyblinder.py -i eth0 -u http://www.justpropertydevelopers.com/scanned

.: BULLYBLINDER v0.1 https://github.com/hadojae/DATA/ :.

[+] Preparing pcap: 20170503-033243-www.justpropertydevelopers.com.pcap

[+] Processing http://www.justpropertydevelopers.com/scanned

[+] Submitting POST
[+] Control: <HiddenControl(hidCflag=1)>, Control.Type: hidden, Control.Name: hidCflag, Control.ID: hidCflag
[+] Control: <SelectControl(<None>=[])>, Control.Type: select, Control.Name: None, Control.ID: None
[+] Control: <SelectControl(<None>=[*0])>, Control.Type: select, Control.Name: None, Control.ID: None
[+] Control: <SelectControl(<None>=[*1])>, Control.Type: select, Control.Name: None, Control.ID: None
[+] Control: <SelectControl(<None>=[*2])>, Control.Type: select, Control.Name: None, Control.ID: None
[+] Control: <SelectControl(<None>=[*3])>, Control.Type: select, Control.Name: None, Control.ID: None
[+] Control: <SelectControl(<None>=[*4])>, Control.Type: select, Control.Name: None, Control.ID: None
[+] Control: <TextControl(Email=shannonjudith@gmail.com)>, Control.Type: email, Control.Name: Email, Control.ID: Email
[+] Control: <PasswordControl(Passwd=696969)>, Control.Type: password, Control.Name: Passwd, Control.ID: Passwd
[+] Control: <SubmitControl(signIn=Sign in to view attachment) (readonly)>, Control.Type: submit, Control.Name: signIn, Control.ID: signIn
[+] Control: <CheckboxControl(PersistentCookie=[yes])>, Control.Type: checkbox, Control.Name: PersistentCookie, Control.ID: PersistentCookie
[+] Control: <HiddenControl(rmShown=1) (readonly)>, Control.Type: hidden, Control.Name: rmShown, Control.ID: None

[-] No form found, checking for redirectors and obfuscation.

[+] Found js window.location or document.location, processing the redir

[+] https://drive.google.com/#my-drive appears to be a legitimate website.

[+] Complete! Submitted 1 form(s)

[+] Url Request Chain:

  • A basic bash script that pulls urls out of pdfs in streams or in clear view.
  • The only argument to the script is the path to a folder containing the pdfs you want to process.
  • REQUIRES pdf-parser.py from https://blog.didierstevens.com/programs/pdf-tools/ location to be set in first line of script
Example Usage
$ ./slickshoes.sh ~/PDFs/
DATA scripts are a constant work in progress. Feedback, issues, and additions are welcomed.
Proper python packages will be created once suffecient testing and features have been added and more bugs have been squashed.

If you have pcap writing issues, use this to fixup dumpcap perms, observed when using some VPS
sudo chgrp YOUR_USER /usr/bin/dumpcap
sudo chmod 750 /usr/bin/dumpcap
sudo setcap cap_net_raw,cap_net_admin+eip /usr/bin/dumpcap
Be sure to disable NIC features when capturing traffic run this as root. Checksum errors will cause all sorts of nightmares.
# for i in rx tx sg tso ufo gso gro lro; do ethtool -K eth0 $i off; done

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