inforfinder - Tool To Collect Information Of Any Domains Pointing At Some Server (Ip, Domain, Range, File)

Inforfinder is a tool made to collect information of any domain pointing at a server (ip,domain,range,file).
Requires python libs: pyRequests and pyDNS
-First, you need to install complementary libraries:
user@machine$ sudo apt-get install python-dns python-dnspython python-requests python-lxml python


pip install pydns
pip install requests --upgrade
pip install lxml
-Then Download "inforfinder"
-The next step is to run "inforfinder.py": python inforfinder.py --help

Find more information on how to use this app:
 InforFinder v1.0.9 Powered By GGUsoft 2017

Powered By GGUsoft 2017


-d <dominio> Gets a domain for apply any optional commands

-dD <dominio> Gets a domain list hosted in IP of the specified domain

-dI <IP> Gets a domain list hosted in the specified IP

-dR <IP inicio> <IP fin> Gets a domain list hosted in every IP of the specified range

-dF <file> Gets a list with all domains hosted at same IP from a file, the file contens a IP by line


inforfinder <command> -cms Checks if every domain found has a cms website (wordpress, joomla ,etc) and show version

inforfinder <command> -servinfo Checks web server parameters

inforfinder <command> --subdomain-enum Lists subdomains of every domain found

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