Invoke-CradleCrafter - PowerShell Remote Download Cradle Generator and Obfuscator

Invoke-CradleCrafter is a PowerShell v2.0+ compatible PowerShell remote download cradle generator and obfuscator.


Invoke-CradleCrafter exists to aid Blue Teams and Red Teams in easily exploring, generating and obfuscating PowerShell remote download cradles. In addition, it helps Blue Teams test the effectiveness of detections that may work for output produced by Invoke-Obfuscation but may fall short when dealing with Invoke-CradleCrafter since it does not contain any string concatenations, encodings, tick marks, type casting, etc.

Another important component of this research and tool development was to effectively highlight the high-level behavior and artifacts left behind when each cradle is executed. I have tried to highlight this information when you first enter a new cradle type in the interactive menus of the tool.

Ultimately, knowing more about each cradle's behavior and artifacts will help the Blue Team better detect these cradles. This knowledge should also benefit the Red Teamer in making more informed selections of which cradle to use in a given scenario.


While all of the cradles can be produced by directly calling the Out-Cradle function, the complexity of the moving pieces for all of the stacked obfuscated components makes using the Invoke-CradleCrafter function the easiest way to explorer and visualize the cradle syntaxes and obfuscation techniques that this framework currently supports.


The source code for Invoke-CradleCrafter is hosted at Github, and you may download, fork and review it from the repository. Please report issues or feature requests through Github's bug tracker associated with this project.

To install:
Import-Module ./Invoke-CradleCrafter.psd1

Release Notes
v1.0 - 2017-04-28 x33fcon (Gdynia, Poland): PUBLIC Release of Invoke-CradleCrafter.
v1.1 - 2017-05-11 NOPcon (Istanbul, Turkey): Added 3 new memory-based cradles:
  • PsComMsXml
  • PsInlineCSharp
  • PsCompiledCSharp Added 2 disk-based cradles:
  • PsBits
  • BITSAdmin

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