fses - Python Library To Scrap Urls From Search Engines

Fucking Search Engines Scraper - python library to scrap url's from search engines

Search Engines we scrap
Ask Bing DuckDuck GO UOL Yahoo

git clone https://github.com/mthbernardes/fses.git cd fses pip install -r requeriments.txt

Simple search using Ask
from searchEngines.ask import ask  print "Ask Search" query = "site:domain.com" # Set a dork a = ask() # Start a instance of any search engine results = a.search(query,verbose=True) #All classes use the method search, verbose is used just to print, what page the script is scraping for url in results  print url
All search engine methods
query = "site:domain.com"  from searchEngines.ask import ask print "Ask Search" results.extend(ask().search(query,verbose=verbose))  from searchEngines.uol import uol print "UOL Search" results.extend(uol().search(query,verbose=verbose))  from searchEngines.bing import bing print "Bing Search" results.extend(bing().search(query,verbose=verbose))  from searchEngines.yahoo import yahoo print "Yahoo Search" results.extend(yahoo().search(query,verbose=verbose))   from searchEngines.duckduckgo import duckDuckGo print "DuckDuckGo Search" results.extend(duckDuckGo().search(query,verbose=verbose))
Search using all search engines
from utils import util query = "site:conviso.com.br" results = util.searchAll(query,verbose=False) #searchAll has the same properties then search method for url in results  print url

How to create a search engine plugin
Just follow the searchEngines/example.py, it's a template of how to create a plugin to another search engine.

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