PiFinger - Searches For Wifi-Pineapple Traces And Calculate Wireless Network Security Score

The purpose of this project is to determine whether the network we are connected for is opened by Wifi- Pineapple. In addition, the tool analyzes the wireless networks you have previously connected and gives you a security score.

  • Is this network opened by pineapple?
  • Have you been connected to insecure networks before?
  • Logging (Wireless Security Score) (time, mac, ssid, score, is_pineapple)

Used Techinuques
WiFi-Pineapple Network Detection Techniques
A Chinese proverb says:
"If attackers are accessing systems using default settings,
we too can catch them with the default settings in their software and hardware."
  • Manufacturer's MAC address information
  • Default HTTP Port (1471)
  • Default hostname information for wifi-pineapple
Previous networks
  • Analyzes the wireless networks you have previously connected

Features to add
  • Windows version
  • Full automatic analysis
  • New wifi_score and pineapple analysis techniques

Usage (for Linux)

  • Modules: time, termcolor, sys, commands, interfaces, os
  • OS: Kali, Ubuntu
  • Python Version: 2.x
Download pifinger:
git clone https://github.com/besimaltnok/PiFinger.git

Install Python librarie(s):
pip install -r requirements.txt

It's done!

Run the program with following command:
cd PiFinger/Linux
python pifinger.py


This project is coded by Besim ALTINOK

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