N4xD0rk - Listing Subdomains About A Main Domain

Listing subdomains about the main domain using the technique called Hacking with search engines.

usage: n4xd0rk.py [-h] [-d DOMAIN] [-i IP] -o OPTION -n SEARCH [-e EXPORT]

This script searchs the subdomains about a domain using the results indexed of Bing search.

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-d DOMAIN, --domain DOMAIN
The domain which wants to search.
-i IP, --ip IP The IP which to kown the domains to contain.
-o OPTION, --option OPTION
Select an option:
1. Searching the subdomains about a domain using the results indexed.
2. Searching the domains belong to an IP.
-n SEARCH, --search SEARCH
Indicate the number of the search which you want to do.
-e EXPORT, --export EXPORT
Export the results to a json file (Y/N)
Format available:
-l LANGUAGE, --language LANGUAGE
Indicate the language of the search

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