sdrtrunk - Tool For Decoding, Monitoring, Recording And Streaming Trunked Mobile And Related Radio Protocols Using Software Defined Radios (SDR)

A cross-platform java application for decoding, monitoring, recording and streaming trunked mobile and related radio protocols using Software Defined Radios (SDR).

Figure 1: sdrtrunk Version 0.3.0 Application Screenshot

End User Instructions:

Install Java 8 (or newer)

Download the latest sdrtrunk release
All release versions of sdrtrunk are available from the releases tab.
(final) These versions have been tested and are the current release version.
(beta) These versions are currently being tested for bugs and functionality.

Run the application
Either double-click on the downloaded file (if supported on your operating system) or open a terminal/command window and change to the directory where you downloaded the release file and type:
java -jar downloaded-jar-filename 
Note: replace downloaded-jar-filename with the actual name of the sdrtrunk release version that you downloaded

Optional - P25 Audio
If you're using sdrtrunk with a P25 trunked radio system, the JMBE wiki page contains instructions for downloading the JMBE audio library source code and compiling the JMBE library. Copy the resulting JMBE audio library jar file to the same folder containing the sdrtrunk application to use the library with sdrtrunk.

Developer Instructions:
If you're interested in downloading and compiling the source code, please follow these instructions to use gradle to compile the code.

Build the project
sdrtrunk uses gradle as the build system. You can build it with locally installed gradle or if you do not have/want to install gradle you can use preconfigured linux/windows wrapper.

Build with locally installed gradle 4.3.1
gradle clean buildSdr

Build with preconfigured wrapper for linux/windows
./gradlew clean buildSdr
gradle.bat clean buildSdr
This would add gradle, download all project dependencies and build JAR

All dependencies/versions are controlled from build.gradle. To change the new release version tag of artifact - change property:
version = '0.3.2'

Run SDRTrunk
SDRTrunk is packed into single uber-jar file. There is need to have folders with dependencies and adding them with classpath. Just run with java.

Use Java8
java -jar build/libs/sdr-trunk-all-0.3.2.jar 

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