DNSspider - Very Fast, Async Mulithreaded Subdomain Scanner

A very fast multithreaded bruteforcer of subdomains that leverages a wordlist and/or character permutation.


  • use async multithreading via concurrent.futures module
  • attack while mutating -> don't generate whole list when using -t 1
  • log only the subdomains to logfile when '-r' was chosen
  • minor code clean-ups / refactoring
  • switch to tabstop=2 / shiftwidth=2

  • upgraded to python3

  • upgraded built-in wordlist (more than 2k)
  • remove annoying timeout warnings
  • remove color output when logging to file

  • upgraded default wordlist
  • replaced optionparser with argparse
  • add version output option
  • fixed typo

  • fixed extracted ip addresses from rrset answers
  • renamed file (removed version string)
  • removed trailing whitespaces
  • removed color output
  • changed banner

  • fixed a bug for returned list
  • added postfix option
  • upgraded wordlist[]
  • colorised output
  • changed error messages

  • added verbose/quiet mode default is quiet now
  • fixed try/catch for domainnames
  • fixed some tab width (i normally use <= 80 chars per line)

  • append DNS and IP output to found list
  • added diffound list for subdomains resolved to different addresses
  • get right ip address from current used iface to avoid socket problems
  • fixed socket exception syntax and output
  • added usage note for fixed port and multithreaded socket exception

  • initial release  

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