PiDense - Monitor Illegal Wireless Network Activities (Fake Access Points)

Monitor illegal wireless network activities.
  • Similar SSID broadcasts
  • Same SSID broadcasts
  • Calculates unencrypted wireless networks density
  • Watches SSID broadcasts at the blacklist.

Capabilities (Now)
  • Calculates Unencrypted wireless network density
  • Finds same ssid, different encryption

Working Principle for PiDense
  • Collects all the packets from Wireless Networks.
  • Analyzes all the beacon packets.
  • If PiDens detects more than defined threshold of OPN number, or different encryption with same SSID info ;
  • Logs the activity with some extra information within defined template.

Soon to be added features
  • Blacklist SSID analysis
  • Company name setting for illegal wireless attack activities (Monitoring)



  • Hardware: TP LINK TL-WN722N
  • Modules: scapy, time, termcolor, argparse

Kali Linux:
Download PiDense:
git clone https://github.com/WiPi-Hunter/PiDense.git

Install Python librarie(s):
pip install termcolor
It's done!

Run the program with following command:
Monitor mode:
airmon-ng start interface(wlan0,wlan1) (Monitor mode)


ifconfig wlan0 down
iwconfig wlan0 mode Monitor
ifconfig wlan0 up

cd PiDense
python pidense.py -h

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