CLOUDKiLL3R - Bypasses Cloudflare Protection Service Via TOR Browser

CLOUDKiLL3R bypasses Cloudflare protection service via TOR Browser !

CLOUDKiLL3R Requirements :
  • TOR Browser to scan as many sites as you want :)
  • Python Compiler

CLOUDKiLL3R Installation ?
Make sure that TOR Browser is up and running while working with CLOUDKiLL3R .
Make sure that the IP AND PORT are the same in TOR Browser preferences > advanced > Networks
Include the files below in one folder :
  • FILTER.txt
  • CK.pl
Make Sure The Modules Below Are Installed If NOT > use this command to install one : pip install [module name]
  • argparse
  • socks
  • socket
  • requests
  • sys

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