Bad Ducky - Rubber Ducky Compatible Clone Based On CJMCU BadUSB HW

Bad Ducky is yet another Rubber Ducky clone. It is based on CJMCU BadUsb (ATMEGA32u4 - Arduino Leonardo clone) board with onboard card reader, which you can buy on ebay or aliexpress. My goal was to create something compatible with Rubber Ducky scripts, while having ability to easily choose which script to execute without modifying the hardware (without adding DIP switches). 

What is so special about this one?
  • it is completely compatible with Rubber Ducky scripts (all commands are supported)
  • scripts does not require compiling/encoding
  • there is no limit on payload size (the only limit is SD card size)
  • it has two operational modes (continuous delivery and one-time delivery)
  • you can switch between modes/payloads with your smartphone
  • it has support for different keyboard languages
For more info on how to get started check wiki pages.

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