Mercury - A Hacking Tool Used To Collect Information And Use The Information To Further Hurt The Target

Mercury is a hacking tool used to collect information and use the information to further hurt the target.

Requires Python2 (Linux)
apt-get install python2
git clone https://www.github.com/MetaChar/Mercury
pip install -r requirements.txt


Mercury uses Selenium to automatically input passwords into a website

Gelocation allows the user to pin point the exact location of the ip address

Sms Spam
Uses gmail to spam sms

Spoof Email
Sends anonymous emails

Check If Website Exists
Mercury checks if the website is real

Check if Website Is Down
Checks if websites status is online or offline

Encode Strings Into Hash Form
Encodes your text into hash form

Hex Encode/Decode
Encodes and decodes hex strings

Whats My Ip & Mac
shows mac and ip address

Spam email
spams email in While True loop

Download Extra Tools
Download an extra 16 tools like hydra, metasploit and nmap

Github Cloner & Pip Intsaller
Installs Pips and Github repos

Website Cloner
Extracts the source code from a website

Ip Address From Website
Finds ip address from website

Nmap must be pre installed and its somewhat glitchy on linux

Port Listen
Listens to ports

dos attack via packets

Loads up Chrome, with a proxy

Google Dorks
Finds vulrnable links

Admin Pannel
Helps find the admin pannel to a website

Access some of the best hacking & robotoics websites.

Proxy Scraper
Find the best Us proxys!

Twitter Info Grab
Grab a twitter users basic info

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