ReconCat - Tool To Fetch Archive Url Snapshots From Archive.org

A small Php application to fetch archive url snapshots from archive.org.
using it you can fetch complete list of snapshot urls of any year or complete list of all years possible.
Made Specially for penetration testing purpose.
This application is powered by WMB-Scrapper

Clone this repository,
    git clone https://github.com/daudmalik06/ReconCat
cd ReconCat
php recon

  • This application requires php 7+
  • multi threading is available as optional, if you have php pthreads installed you can use that to speed up the process.

  • it saves all snapshots in Output directory, e,g for google.com it will make a directory as Output/google.com and will save all related snapshot in that directory
  • all snapshot will be saved on year bases, i.e snapshot of every year will be saved in different file e.g 2009_google.com .
  • threads are used for fetching several(year based) snapshot concurrently
  • single year snapshot is fetched in a single thread

For help
php recon --help

Other commands
php recon --url=https://github.com -t10  (fetch all snapshot of github with 10 threads)
php recon -y2012 --url=https://github.com -t10 (fetch snapshot of year 2012 of github with 10 threads)

Dawood Ikhlaq and Open source community

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