Snallygaster - Tool To Scan For Secret Files On HTTP Servers

Snallygaster is a tool that looks for files accessible on web servers that shouldn't be public and can pose a security risk.

Typical examples include publicly accessible git repositories, backup files potentially containing passwords or database dumps. In addition it contains a few checks for other security vulnerabilities.
As an introduction to these kinds of issues you may want to watch this talk:

snallygaster is available via pypi:
pip3 install snallygaster
It's a simple python 3 script, so you can just download the file "snallygaster" and execute it. Dependencies are urllib3, beautifulsoup4 and dnspython.

Q: I want to contribute / send a patch / a pull request!
A: That's great, but please read the CONTRIBUTIONS.md file.
Q: What's that name?
A: Snallygaster is the name of a dragon that according to some legends was seen in Maryland and other parts of the US. There's no particular backstory why this tool got named this way, other than that I was looking for a fun and interesting name.
I thought a name of some mythical creature would be nice, but most of those had the problem that I would have had name collisions with other software. Checking the list of dragons on Wikipedia I learned about the Snallygaster. The name sounded funny, the idea that there are dragon legends in the US interesting and I found no other piece of software with that name.

snallygaster is developed and maintained by Hanno Böck.

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