Subfinder - Subdomain Discovery Tool That Can Discover Massive Amounts Of Valid Subdomains For Any Target

SubFinder is a subdomain discovery tool that uses various techniques to discover massive amounts of subdomains for any target. It has been aimed as a successor to the sublist3r project. SubFinder uses Passive Sources, Search Engines, Pastebins, Internet Archives, etc to find subdomains and then it uses a permutation module inspired by altdns to generate permutations and resolve them quickly using a powerful bruteforcing engine. It can also perform plain bruteforce if needed. The tool is highly customizable, and the code is built with a modular approach in mind making it easy to add functionalities and remove errors.

This project began it's life as a Bug Bounty World slack channel discussion. @ice3man & @codingo were talking about how the cornerstone subdomain tool at the time, sublist3r, appeared to have been abandoned. The goal of this project was to make a low dependancy, manageable project in Go that would continue to be maintained over time. @Ice3man decided to rewrite the sublist3r project and posted about it. @codingo offered to contribute to the project and subfinder was born.

  • Simple and modular code base making it easy to contribute.
  • Fast And Powerful Bruteforcing Module (In Development)
  • Powerful Permutation generation engine. (In Development)
  • Many Passive Data Sources (CertDB, CertSpotter, crtsh, DNSDumpster, FindSubdomains, Hackertarget, Netcraft, PassiveTotal, PTRArchive, SecurityTrails, Threatcrowd, VirusTotal)
  • Internet Archives support for finding subdomains (In development)

The installation is easy. Git clone the repo and run go build.
go get github.com/ice3man543/subfinder
To configure it to work with certain services, you need to have an API key for them. These are the services that do not work without an API key.
Put these values in the config.json file and you should be good to go.
If your $GOPATH is /home/go, make sure to place your config.json file in $GOPATH/bin folder or wherever you have the binary. Otherwise, it will not work.

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