AutoSQLi - An Automatic SQL Injection Tool Which Takes Advantage Of Googler, Ddgr, WhatWaf And SQLMap

An Automatic SQL Injection Tool Which Takes Advantage Of ~DorkNet~ Googler, Ddgr, WhatWaf And Sqlmap.

  • Save System - there is a complete save system, which can resume even when your pc crashed. - technology is cool
  • Dorking - from the command line ( one dork ): YES - from a file: NO - from an interactive wizard: YES
  • Waffing - Thanks to Ekultek, WhatWaf now has a JSON output function. - So it's mostly finished :) - UPDATE: WhatWaf is completly working with AutoSQLi. Sqlmap is the next big step
  • Sqlmapping - I'll look if there is some sort of sqlmap API, because I don't wanna use execute this time (: - Sqlmap is cool
  • Rest API: NOPE

  • Log handling (logging with different levels, cleanly)
  • Translate output (option to translate the save, which is in pickle format, to a json/csv save)
  • Spellcheck (correct wrongly spelled words and conjugational errors. I'm on Neovim right now and there is no auto-spelling check)

The Plan
This plan is a bit outdated, but it will follow this idea
  1. AutoSQLi will be a python application which will, automatically, using a dork provided by the user, return a list of websites vulnerable to a SQL injection.
  2. To find vulnerable websites, the users firstly provide a dork DOrking, which is passed to findDorks.py, which returns a list of URLs corresponding to it.
  3. Then, AutoSQLi will do some very basic checks ( TODO: MAYBE USING SQLMAP AND IT's --smart and --batch function ) to verify if the application is protected by a Waf, or if one of it's parameters is vulnerable.
  4. Sometimes, websites are protected by a Web Application Firewall, or in short, a WAF. To identify and get around of these WAFs, AutoSQLi will use WhatWaf.
  5. Finally, AutoSQLi will exploit the website using sqlmap, and give the choice to do whatever he wants !

Also, AutoSQLi should work using Tor by default. So it should check for tor availiability on startup.

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