Operative Framework HD - The Digital Investigation Framework, You Can Interact With Websites, Email Address, Company, People, Ip Address, And More

operative framework HD is the digital investigation framework, you can interact with websites, email address, company, people, ip address ... with basic/graphical view and export with XML, JSON.

How to Install
You need this packages
  • mongoDB
  • NPM
  • Python 2

Create mongoDB database
$ mongo
$ use operative_framework
$ db.createUser({user: 'operative', pwd:'operative', roles: [ "readWrite", "dbAdmin" ]})
For security restart now mongoDB with --auth argument

Install manually a operative framework HD
$ sudo pip install -r requirements.txt
$ sudo python framework/load_modules.py
$ cd client
$ npm install
$ cd ..
$ cd bin
$ sudo ./opf_users
$ create operative mypass
$ cd ..
open two shell
1) $ sudo python framework/app.py
2) $ cd client && npm start

Install globally a operative framework HD
$ git clone https://github.com/graniet/operative-framework-HD.git
$ cd operative-framework-HD
$ chmod +x install.sh
$ ./install.sh
$ cd framework
$ python load_modules.py

create first user
$ sudo opf_users
opf_users > create operative Op3r4tIv3P$$SS

run operative framework without console
first shell:
$ sudo opf_server
second shell:
$ sudo opf_client

run operative framework with console
$ sudo opf_console
$ opf_console > run_server
$ opf_console > run_client

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