Seeker - Find GeoLocation With High Accuracy

Seeker utilizes HTML5, Javascript, JQuery and PHP to grab Device Information and GeoLocation with High Accuracy.
  • Other tools and services offer IP Geolocation which is not very accurate and does not give location of user.
  • Generally if a user accepts location permsission, Accuracy of the information recieved is accurate to approximately 30 meters.

Note : On iPhone due to some reason location accuracy is approximately 65 meters.
It Hosts a fake website on Apache Server and uses Ngrok to generate a SSL link which asks for Location Permission and if the user allows it, we can get :
  • Longitude
  • Latitude
  • Accuracy
  • Altitude - Not always available
  • Direction - Only available if user is moving
  • Speed - Only available if user is moving
Along with Location Information we can also get Device Information without any permissions :
  • Operating System
  • Platform
  • Number of CPU Cores
  • Amount of RAM - Approximate Results
  • Screen Resolution
  • GPU information
  • Browser Name and Version
  • Public IP Address

Tested On :
  • Kali Linux 2018.2
  • Ubuntu 18.04

Supports both Python2 and Python3.
Seeker uses common standard python modules :
  • os
  • time
  • json
  • requests
  • subprocess

git clone https://github.com/thewhiteh4t/seeker.git
cd seeker/
chmod 777 install.sh

#After Installation just type seeker in console


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