Leaked? - A Checking Tool For Hash Codes And Passwords Leaked

Leaked? is A Checking tool for Hash codes and Passwords leaked, use API from @webtobesocial.
Leaked? can work in any OS if they have support Python 3

  • Check passwords leaked
  • Check hash code leaked
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Install and Run in Linux
sudo apt update && apt install python3 python3-pip
git clone https://github.com/GitHackTools/Leaked
cd Leaked
pip3 install requests
python3 leaked.py

Install and Run in Windows
Download and run Python 3 setup file from Python.org. In Install Python 3 , enable Add Python 3.7 to PATH and For all users
Download and run Git setup file from Git-scm.com, choose Use Git from Windows Command Propmt.
Afther that, Run Command Propmt or PowerShell and enter this commands:
git clone https://github.com/GitHackTools/Leaked
cd Leaked
pip install requests
python leaked.py

Update Leaked?: git pull -f

Leaked? uses API from lea.kz of @webtobesocial Let follow his Twitter account!


Contact to Author
Website: GitHackTools.blogspot.com
Twitter: @SecureGF
Facebook: @GitHackTools
Google Plus: +TVT618

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