Phishing-Frenzy - Ruby On Rails Phishing Framework

Phishing Frenzy is an Open Source Ruby on Rails application that is leveraged by penetration testers to manage email phishing campaigns.

The project was started in 2013 by the founder Brandon "zeknox" McCann. Brandon identified inefficiencies in the way that many penetration testers were conducting email phishing engagements. Wanting to make it easier to manage phishing campaigns Brandon started the "Phishing Frenzy" project.

The goal of the project is to streamline the phishing process while still providing clients the best realistic phishing campaign possible. This goal is obtainable through campaign management, template reuse, statistical generation, and other features the Frenzy has to offer.

Documentation & Info
Relevant up to date documentation can be found on the official Phishing Frenzy website located below

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