Vboxdie-Cracker - VirtualBox Disk Image Encryption Password Cracker

Virtual Box Disk Image Encryption password cracker

  1. PHP >= 5.5.0
  2. OpenSSL >= 1.0.1 (XTS support)

Algorithm description
User password is stored using a combination of PBKDF2 and AES-XTS as following (shown values are fixed at the moment, but they can be controlled inside the file format):
# 32 for AES-XTS128-PLAIN64
# 64 for AES-XTS256-PLAIN64
AES_key_length = 32 | 64

AES-password = PBKDF2(algorithm: SHA256,
password: user_password,
salt: random_salt_1,
iterations: 2000,
output_length: AES_key_length)

PBKDF2-decrypted-password = AES_decrypt(key_size: AES_key_length,
mode: XTS,
data: random_data
password: AES-password,
type: raw,
iv: NULL)

Stored_hash = PBKDF2(algorithm: SHA256,
password: PBKDF2-decrypted-password,
salt: random_salt_2,
iterations: 2000,
output_length: 32)
The same process is performed each time the user wants to decrypt the machine disk.

Example of usage
$ php VBOXDIECracker.php
VirtualBox Disk Image Encryption cracker

Usage: VBOXDIECracker.php disk_image.vbox [wordlist]

$ php VBOXDIECracker.php Encrypted.vbox wordlist.txt
VirtualBox Disk Image Encryption cracker

[+] Reading data from: Encrypted.vbox
[+] Checking hard disk encryption for: Encrypted.vdi
[+] Hard disk is encrypted
[+] KeyStore encoded string:
[+] KeyStore contents:
Header 454e4353 (SCNE)
Version 1
Algorithm AES-XTS256-PLAIN64
Key length 64
Final hash 12027897dacb3a4c4feef487629d68a0730020d9b5de7494408c7af99af08289
PBKDF2 2 Key length 32
PBKDF2 2 Salt 27b501c316f49fc296b2fe32855735167381ac209fd1c0c83e5e41b66ff3c35a
PBKDF2 2 Iterations 2000
PBKDF2 1 Salt 8a8f4a94837eec1bb4d69a2e7c9ffadc5e659536df45a81c46662cf66be95e58
PBKDF2 1 Iterations 2000
EVP buffer length 64
PBKDF2 2 encrypted password eaa555f273aeaf9f1157128fd1c3517d7caef43ec9aaa5406917cd1372c5768c
[+] Cracking finished, measured time: 6.13035 seconds
[!] KeyStore password found: 123
[+] Checking hard disk encryption for: New_Disk.vdi
[-] Hard disk is not encrypted

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