VBScan 0.1.8 - Black Box vBulletin Vulnerability Scanner

OWASP VBScan (short for [VB]ulletin Vulnerability [Scan]ner) is an opensource project in perl programming language to detect VBulletin CMS vulnerabilities and analyses them .

Why OWASP VBScan ?
If you want to do a penetration test on a vBulletin Forum, OWASP VBScan is Your best shot ever! This Project is being faster than ever and updated with the latest VBulletin vulnerabilities.

usage :
./vbscan.pl <target>
./vbscan.pl http://target.com/vbulletin

OWASP VBScan 0.1.7 introduction

What’s New in Version 0.1.8 [Self Challenge]
  • Updated vulnerabilities database 
  • "Email Before Registration Plugin" SQL exploit added
  • "Tapatalk vbulletin plugin" exploit added
  •  "Routestring RCE" exploit added 
  • Vbulletin possible password logger detector added
  • Allow start from any path
  • OpenRedirection founder module added
  • Vbulletin version comparing module added
  • A few enhancements

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