Httplab - Inspect HTTP Requests And Forge Responses

The interactive web server.
HTTPLabs let you inspect HTTP requests and forge responses.


go get
go install

yaourt httplab

On systems where snap is supported:
snap install httplab

Binary distribution
Each release provides pre-built binaries for different architectures, you can download them here:

Usage of httplab:
-a, --auto-update Auto-updates response when fields change. (default true)
-b, --body string Specifies the inital response body. (default "Hello, World")
-c, --config string Specifies custom config path.
--cors Enable CORS.
--cors-display Display CORS requests. (default true)
-d, --delay int Specifies the initial response delay in ms.
-H, --headers strings Specifies the initial response headers. (default [X-Server:HTTPLab])
-p, --port int Specifies the port where HTTPLab will bind to. (default 10080)
-s, --status string Specifies the initial response status. (default "200")
-v, --version Prints current version.

Key Bindings
Key Description
Tab Next Input
Shift+Tab Previous Input
Ctrl+a Apply Response changes
Ctrl+r Resets Request history
Ctrl+s Save Response as
Ctrl+f Save Request as
Ctrl+l Toggle Responses list
Ctrl+t Toggle Response builder
Ctrl+o Open Body file
Ctrl+b Switch Body mode
Ctrl+h Toggle Help
Ctrl+w Toggle line wrapping
q Close popup
PgUp Previous Request
PgDown Next Request
Ctrl+c Quit
HTTPLab uses file to store pre-built responses, it will look for a file called .httplab on the current directory if not found it will fallback to $HOME. A sample file can be found here.
HTTPLab is heavily inspired by wuzz

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